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By Kikkia#3782

#markdown # Vinny Completely open source and free to use. Vinny is a discord bot built heavily on community feedback. # [Click here for a full command list]( ## Main Features - Full voice integration: Youtube, soundcloud, twitch, etc - Voice playlists: Save playlists to listen to later - Reddit commands: Pull hot, top or new posts off reddit with a handful of quick and simple commands. - Permissions: Lock down what roles can use what commands. - Markov Comments: Generate comments for users and channels based on their message history. - 4Chan: Get threads from any 4chan board - Pixiv: Get random posts or search by tag - NSFW: Default locked on every channel. Can be enabled by anyone who can use a moderation command - Custom prefixes: Setup custom prefixes for you server (NOTE: To use emojis, they must be custom ones) - Aliases (Custom command tags) - Vinny can be setup to run commands from any input you give him. - Scheduled commands: Have commands run automatically on a timer! - More added frequently. ### Community/Support Vinny comes with more than just commands. Any help or suggestions/feedback you may have is quickly answered and taken into consideration. ### Usage Either type `~help` or `@Vinny help` in a channel Vinny is in to get a full command list.