momo bot is a general-purpose bot featuring a lot of game, gambling

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By Candy#6201

I'm a momo bot who has all modules enabled (including Music) this bot is online 24/7 To invite me to your server, click here You can use .modules command to see a list of all modules. You can use .commands ModuleName (for example .commands Administration) to see a list of all of the commands in that module. For a specific command help, use .h CommandName (for example .h .q) for enable flowers spawn type .gc (.gencurrency /.gc Toggles currency generation on this channel. Every posted message will have chance to spawn currency. Chance is specified by the Bot Owner. (default is 2%) Requires ManageMessages server permission.) type .timely and u can get 10000 flowers every 3 hours music commands: .play - plays the provided song .lyrics [song name]- shows the lyrics to the currently-playing song .skip- votes to skip the current song .queue[pagenum] - shows the current queue .forceskip - skips the current song .repeat [on|off] - re-adds music to the queue when finished .stop - stops the current song and clears the queue .volume [0-150]- sets or shows volume .setdj - sets the DJ role for certain music commands .settc - sets the text channel for music commands .setvc - sets the voice channel for playing music LIST OF COMMANDS CLICK HERE Action Commands: .cry @someone .hug @someone .pat @someone .punch @someone .scare @someone .touch @someone do kpop in your server for hot random kpop gifs if u need any supports or help u can dm momo bot also if you want mod logs be enabled on your server dm candy owner of this bot.