A bot for moderation, info, fun, and more to come!

Bot prefix: a! | Votes: 0

By Iron the Cow#5806

AlphaIt is a bot for mulitple things. Like Moderation and Info! Some are the commands are as listed. For info there is a!userinfo for a members info, a!serverinfo info about the server, and a!roleinfo for info about a role. The Moderation commands are a!ban bans a member, a!kick kicks a member, and a!clear clears some of the chat! The other commands are as follow a!vote Responds with a link to vote for the bot, a!invite sends a link to invite the bot, a!servercount lists how many servers AlphaIt is in, a!coinflip Flips a coin!, a!eightball An 8ball, and there are other commands which only the bot owner or a whitelisted user can run!