Antiowo will ban/kick anyone who says owo or uwu!

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By Wait What#4975

#markdown # Antiowo [![KILLS](]( [![INVITE](]( [![COMMANDS](]( [![WEBSITE](]( Are you tired of weebs and furries in your Discord server? Antiowo will ban, kick or otherwise censor anyone who says `owo` or `uwu`! You can also blacklist and whitelist your own words, users and roles. # Features - Removal of messages that include `owo` or `uwu`. Antiowo is very smart and will detect much more than just that - Warning system. You can set the amount of warnings before action - Custom punishments. You can switch between bans, kicks or simple deletions (censors) - Rewards for voting. [Voting for Antiowo]( 3 times grants you one use immunity - This can be disabled in your server # Notes - The default prefix is `::`. It can be changed using `::prefix` - Use `::help all` for more info - The commands can be found [HERE]( # Antiowo doesn't work? - If Antiowo doesn't work check out the `Having issues?` section on [Antiowo's website]( Make sure that the bot has a higher role than the offender and that Antiowo's role can manage messages and ban members. You can also [join the support server]( for more help > *Note: this bot is meant to be joke. Please do not take it personally.*