PewDiePie is losing the war against T-Series. I decided to do my pa

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By A Trash Coder#0981

PewDiePie Discord Bot

Do you have any more questions about the bot? Send a DM to Kowlin#4417 or A Trash Coder#0981 or join the support server.

Why did I make this bot?

I made this bot because I was very intrigued into the PewDiePie vs T-Series war. I wanted to do my part and make a bot.

How do I get authorized for the subgap command?

You do not need to get authorized for this command anymore. Simply run p.subgap in your subgap channel and it should work. You can change the channels being compared by running p.setup.

How should I run the bot?

I strongly recommend that you invite the bot. Nevertheless, here are the instructions.


  1. Install Python 3.6+

I use Python 3.7 for production and testing purposes so results may vary.

  1. Install dependencies

Run pip install -U -r requirements.txt

  1. Install PostgreSQL

The latest version of PostgreSQL is recommended.

You will need...

Note your username and password.

  1. Fill out credentials

Open up and follow the instructions in the docstring.

  1. Start the bot

Run python


General Commands

|Name|Description| |----|-----------| |disstrack|Plays Bitch Lasagna in a voice channel| |disstrack stop (leave)|Disconnects from the voice channel| |congrats|Plays Congratulations in a voice channel| |congrats stop (leave)|Disconnects from the voice channel| |subcount|Shows T-Series' and PewDiePie's subscriber count| |subgap|Sends a message then automatically starts updating it every 30 seconds| |subgap stop (remove)|Stops the subgap message from updating in your server| |setup|Changes the channels in the subcount and subgap commands| |randomvid|Returns a random PewDiePie or T-Series video| |youtube (yt)|Sends you the link to PewDiePie's and T-Series' YouTube channel| |spoiler|Sends any message you provide as a spoiler in an annoying form| |meme|Gets and sends a beautiful meme picked straight from Reddit|

Bro Coin Commands (economy)

|Name|Description| |----|-----------| |shovel|You work all day by shoveling for Bro Coins| |crime|You commit a crime and gain or lose coins based on your success| |balance (bal)|Informs you on the amount of Bro Coins you have| |pay|Pays another user a specified amount of Bro Coins| |daily|Reedems your daily bonus of Bro Coins| |leaderboard (lb)|Shows the leaderboard for Bro Coins| |leaderboard server (guild)|Shows the leaderboard of Bro Coins for your server| |gamble|Gambles all or a specific amount of Bro Coins| |steal (rob)|Steals from a user| |transfer|Sends any amount that you specify to another server. The max amount is 50% of your coins| |statistics (stats)|Statistics on Bro Coin usage|

Shop Commands for Bro Coin

|Name|Description| |----|-----------| |shop|View all items (roles) in the shop| |shop add|Adds a role to the shop (you must have the manage roles permission)| |shop edit|Edits a role (eg. changes the cost) in the shop (manage roles permission required by user)| |shop delete (remove)|Removes a role from the shop (manage roles permission required by user)| |shop buy|Buys an item from the shop (you must have enough coins)|

Snipe Commands

|Name|Description| |---|------------| |snipe|Shows the last deleted message in the current channel| |snipe channel (ch)|Snipes the last deleted message in the channel provided| |snipe member (u)|Snipes the last deleted message from the user provided in the current channel| |snipe count (c)|Snipes the [count] message in the current channel| |snipe list (l)|List the previous 5 deleted messages in the server| |snipe bot (b)|Snipes the last deleted message sent by a bot in the current channel|

Moderation Commands

|Name|Description| |----|-----------| |ban|Bans a member. Reason is optional| |kick|Kicks a member. Reason is optional| |purge|Purges / clears a specified amount of messages| |deafen|Deafens a user. They must be in a voice channel| |undeafen|Undeafens a user. They must be in a voice channel| |setnick|Sets a user's nickname. If none is provided, it will be reset| |warn|Warns a user| |warns|Retrieves warnings for the user specified|

Other Commands

|Name|Description| |----|-----------| |botinfo|Information on the bot| |invite|Sends the bot invite| |feedback|This command will send the developer feedback on this bot. Feel free to send suggestions or issues| |prefixtut|This will give you a tutorial on how to use custom prefixes on the bot| |prefix|Returns the current prefix which the bot uses in your server| |setprefix (sprefix)|Sets the bot prefix or resets it if there is no prefix defined|

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