This new bot includes many functions like offering suggestions.

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By Lukaesebrot#8001

KaeseBot v1.1 by Lukaesebrot

This is my own Discord bot, named 'KaeseBot'. I started this project just for fun until I realized that I can publish my little bot as well. Now it's here :) This bot mainly covers all usages which are related to moderation or logging purposes. I included some other features like offering support or a suggestion system too. All these things can also be disabled so you haven't to use them :)

If you don't want to use my (everytime stable) public version, you can self-host this application as well. Help for this topic can be found on the related GitHub repository page.


After inviting my bot to your server, you have to specify at least one bot channel. Actually two bot channels can be set: 1. Global bot channel 2. Moderative bot channel The moderative bot channel is used for moderative commands and features.

To see all variable names, just type in --setup in a random channel (You have to have administrator permissions!)

Happy usage!


If you want to suggest new features, report bugs or want more detailed help with setting up, just join my Discord server.