A multiple purpose bot, which offers utilities such as server moder

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By Godziak#0035

Discord bot, which offers utilities such as newest memes (including dank memes) directly from reddit! You can also: Customize bot language, Easily log actions on your server, Play songs from YouTube, Have some fun playing games such as 8ball, Have some social interactions finally for example hugging or patting other humans, Look at some supercute kitties UwU Easily moderate stuff on your server, for example delete a lot of messages at once. Fully translated in Polish & English IF ANYTHING isn't working properly, use $debug to check, if bot got enough privileges. Some commands: Note: To use specific moderation modules, you need to have assigned specific permissions. They can be set by anyone with administrator privilages. Check "Help - Settings". Help - Moderation: $randomuser - Mention randomly choosen user. Other modules: $help [module] Avaible modules: • mute • lock • ban • purge Help - Fun $plsmeme - Sends meme. $plsdank - Sends dank meme. $plskitty - Sends picture of a kitty UwU $plspat [user] - Pat mentioned user $plshug [user] - Hug mentioned user $8ball [question] - Play with guessing ball. Help - Audio playing $play [song] - Plays a song from YouTube. $pause - Pauses audio. $resume - Resumes audio. $clear - Clears queue. $skip - Skips currently playing song. $volume [amount] - Set's volume. Help - Settings $setbotlanguage [language] - Set's bot language. $addpermissions [user] [permission] - Set member permissions. Permissions list: • ban • mute • log • lock • purge $showpermissions [user] - show currently assigned permission for mentioned user.