a multi-purpose bot with moderation+ and lvl system, over 170 cmd

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By CookieFuseeツ 『 I am Shai 』#7272


This bot has a ton of command to check out and is very customizable! (1-person created bot)

Bot's System Info

logger system: it logs message's, channels, etc; and can configure to log specific options or disable an option! chatbot system: you can use the chat bot and talk to the bot + you can disable it on the server! moderation: basic ones (like kick, ban, etc) and soft ban which is kick and delete messages, tempban which temporarily bans the member, and mute with hours and minute. support: the support server i will be on there and help you out as soon as i can and as best as i could. :D help: help command that gives out almost all the commands and help for on how to use the command! application system: lets you moderate application on people who wants a role of some sort depending on how you configured it! ticket system: lets people make a ticket on help or some sort depends on how you used it! simple autorole: lets new member get roles when joining! preset for new servers: doing +simpleserver or/and +simplerole will make roles or channels for the new server in our preset! Music Bot: has an advanced music system which lets you play by searching and/or giving a url! works with playlist as well as mobile url link with customizable volume and working queue! warning system: experimental warning system which logs the amount of warns,ban,kick,mute the user have gotten afk system: sets you as afk and if someone pings you, the bot will give your afk response that you set after doing the afk command. or if not set will give a message that you are afk. level system: the usual normal server level system with configurable giverole on a certain level! censorbot: lets you delete n-word or swear before they come and warns the member to not do it. suggest system: a configurable suggest command for server which is made for some sort of program creator etc, which lets member to suggest something to the program etc join/leave message: sents a join image or leave message on the configured channel. WIP game bot: not finished but works i guess.. role play anime: have marriage and cuddle, hug, slap members, etc! anti-raid system: bans joining bot or member that has an account below 3 days creation date. info: have lookup, userinfo, serverinfo, botinfo command.
and alot more to see! thank you for reading and have a nice day.

Disclaimer: Mention is not a prefix, it's one of the chatbot command, do not mistake it.