MMORPG discord bot, you can leveling, do quests, pvp, arena rank s

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By Sultan Alaaddin#3771

-Leveling (Max 50 level) -5 different class -3v3 Arena -Pvp Zone -Ranks (Honor, gold,level,gearscore...) -Item Systems -Item Upgrade System -Skill system -Skill Upgrade system -World Boss -Farm mobs -Quests and more.. $SetBot Configure bot on your server if you didnt do it before Document for all command and system: You can start with choosing your class and nickname 1-)$Chooseclass classname (Here classnames: Asas - Archer - Berserker- Mage - Priest - Tank ) 2-)$SetNick 'Nickname' 3-)$mystats it shows your stats(Hp, atak, def, magic def etc... 4-)$doquest you can lvling with these missions.your character ll return in 30-60 minutes.(Xp + Gold rewards) '$SetBot' Firstly Use this command for Configure bot to your discord, if you haven't done before