Emojis,Fun, And Funny amazing bot with Many Commands And Sociable C

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By Lheavy#1110



Meet The Funny Bot

Funny Bot Have Many Funny Commands Emojis. A Bot sociable And emotional.

Like !hug !kiss is more sociable. But That Make The Thing Amazing. Also. Can Help With Some Basics Things.

Funny Commands List

!hug @someone ➢ ➢ Hug Someone

!kiss @someone ➢ ➢ Kiss Someone

!slap @username ➢ ➢ Slap Someone

!hack @username ➢ ➢ Hack A User

!givepizza ➢ ➢ Give A Pizza To User

!givecookie Give A Cookie To User

And More.

Commands Basic And More

!help ➢ ➢ Help You To Use PingSpoofer Bot

!setservername ➢ ➢ Set The Server Name.

!helpfun ➢ ➢ This Commands Emotional And Sociable. In Other Words FUN!

!say #channel ➢ ➢ The Bot will Send Message To Channel.

!announce ➢ ➢ An Announcement

!botping ➢ ➢ The Bot will Show The bot ping.

!invite ➢ ➢ Invite The Bot

!disableinvite ➢ ➢ Disable link Invite.

!enebleinvite ➢ ➢ Eneble Link Invite


This Idea Was


Dev: Lheavy#1110

I Happy When I Joining


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