A PUBGM Bot to know all about Weapons and Maps

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By π•€Β π•’π•žΒ π”Έπ•ƒπ•€π”Όβ„•#1342

Number Codes:-
`1`for Normal Map
`2` for Loot map
`3` for vehicle map
`4` for a random place to Land
Map Codes:-
Erangel- `er`
Miramar- `mi`
Vikendi- `vi`
Sanhok- `sa`
If u want Vehicle Map for Miramar then write `.pmi 3`
`.p` is Prefix
`mi` for Miramar and
`3` for Vehicle Map
**Weapons Details** 👉 `.p akm` for AKM
👉 `.p aug` for AUG A3
👉 `.p awm` for AWM
👉 `.p m762` for M762
👉 `.p crossbow` for Crossbow
👉 `.p dp28` for DP-28
👉 `.p g36c` for G36C
👉 `.p groza` for GROZA
👉 `.p kar98` for Karbiner98k
👉 `.p m16a4` for M16A4
👉 `.p m249` for M249
👉` .p m416` for M416
👉 `.p uzi` for UZI
👉 `.p mini14` for Mini-14
👉 `.p mk14` for MK-14
👉 `.p mk47` for MK-47 MUTANT
👉 `.p qbz` for QBZ
👉 `.p s12k` for S12K
👉 `.p s1897` for S1897
👉 `.p s686` for S686
👉 `.p scarl` for SCAR-L
👉 `.p sks` for SKS
👉 `.p slr` for SLR
👉 `.p thompson` for Thompson SMG
👉 `.p ump9` for UMP9
👉 `.p vss` for VSS
👉 `.p vector` for Vector
👉 `.p m24` for M24
👉 `.p pan` for pan
👉 `.p crowbar` for crowbar
👉 `.p machete` for machete
👉 `.p sickle` for Sickle
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