Mortal Bot

A bot for server moderation, fun, meme commands etc.

Bot prefix: + | Votes: 74

By Fighter for Justice#0001

What is Discord Bot? Discord Bot is a bot designed to be extremely user-friendly but also provide strong and advanced moderation to your server. Keep your server safe! The developer even actively listens to the community and adds features that are greatly asked for! What users have to say It excels at moderation and logging, while also offering a levels system and a unique verification system. Modulo allows JavaScript commands (requires approval), which probably makes it the most powerful Discord bot that is publicly available. With basic knowledge of JavaScript, anyone will be able to customize their server with fully automated tasks. ~Guardian Discord Bot is simple to use, you're able to easily select options to customise the bot to suit you. Setting up the bot is straight forward and there is also a friendly support network with the creator and other users with a specialised server on discord should you require any help or simply want updates on patches, fixes, maintenance and possible features being added ~Fighter for Justice#0825