A moderator Bot specialized on finding profane messages

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By LostNuke#9114

Safe-Chan was made to help you find and manage profane message. Instead of filtering the messages, Safe-Chan will find the messages and show them to you. Then you may decide wether the message is bad or not. If yes, you can ban,kick or just simply delete the message. If not you will just need to press on the wrong reaction. Commands: s!channel set <@channel> //Set the channel where the reports come in s!channel remove //Remove the report channel s!report //let users report a message which are bad s!language set //change language IMPORTANT: Make sure that the role safe-chan is higher than the normal user roles or the Bot won't be able to use its functions correctly. At the moment Safe-Chan supports two languages, English and German. Please note, Safe-Chan works with PerspectiveAPI which is an AI used to find profane messages. This means that there will be wrong findings. If the wrong findings become too much, please join the support server and mention the messages. I will try to fix all problems I find as soon as possible! If you want to report problems, join the support Server: