Dino is a discord bot for music, moderation, and fun!

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Prefix = "dino " Commands User Commands Cat: Shows a picture of a cat Dog: Shows a picture of a dog Serverinfo: Shows some info about the current server Dino's in Userinfo: Shows the user's info 8ball: Just the average 8ball command Avatar: Shows the user's avatar Fistbump: Makes Dino fistbump a user for you History: Shows the history of Dino Prefix: Displays Dino's prefix Howdumb: Tells how dumb Dino thinks a user is Howgay: Tells how gay Dino this a user is Invite: Shows the invite for dino Leave: Makes Dino leave a channel after playing a song Meme: Shows a dank meme Owner: Tells you about the owner of Dino Slap: Makes Dino slap a user for you Urban: Searches the urban dictonary. NOTE: Must be used in an NSFW Channel Wave: Makes Dino wave at a user for you Weather: Displays the weather for any given city in the world Search: Dino searches YouTube for the top 10 search results for any search term to play music in a voice channel Moderator Commands Addrole: Adds a role to someone in the server Removerole: Removes a role from someone in the server Ban: Bans someone from the server Kick: Kicks someone from the server Tempmute: Temporarily mutes someone in the server Purge: Deletes a given amount of messages in a channel Unban: Unbans someone from the server Unmute: Unmutes someone from the server Don't hesitate if you have a question or suggestion about Dino to talk about in the Support Server!