Jokes, image manipulation, moderation commands, and more things!

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By Jaime#0001

# Lord is a moderation bot, fun bot and more feutures! Here's a short introduction of the most relevant commands (All commands can be seen with '!help'!) # MODERATION COMMANDS !ban [user] [reason] - Ban a user. !unbanid [id] [reason] - Unban a user. !clear [amout of messages] - Clear an amout of messages !kick ¨[user] [reason] - Kick a user. # INFORMATION COMMANDS !help - Display all the commands. !say [message] - The bot will say your message. !roles - Get the list of all the roles in the server. !ping [user] - Get the ping of a user. !embed - Create a embed message. !serverinfo - Get the information of the server. !botinfo - Get the information of the bot. !uptime - Get the uptime of the bot. !list - Get the list of all the members in the server. !support - Get the support discord of Lord. !donate - Get the donate link of Lord. !weather [city] - Get the weather of a city. !geninvite [DiscordID] - Generate a invite link of a a discord with the ID. # FUN COMMANDS !dog - Get a image of a dog. !rip [user] - Rip a user. !tweet [TwitterUser] [message] - Tweet a fake tweet. !dice - Dice minigame. !8ball - 8ball minigame. !joke - The bot will send a random joke. !password [number] [number] - Generate a safe and random pasword. !avatar [user] - Get the avatar of a user. !randomnumber [number [number] - Get a random number !hello - The bot will respond you with hello. !randomcolour - Get a random colour with the HEX code. Need help? Just click [here](https://discord.gg/rJwZbHh) Want to invite Lord to your server? Just click [here](https://discordapp.com/oauth2/authorize?client_id=602975051532337172&scope=bot&permissions=8)