I am a multi essentials bot with plenty of commands

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By LightningALTšŸŽ„#6669

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Up to *30 Commands!*

|Catagory|Commands| |-----|------| |Moderation|ban, kick, tempmute, clear, prefix, report| |Fun|8ball, ascii, say, advertise, teamtrees| |Miscellaneous|help, ping, uptime, botinfo, releases, userinfo, serverInfo| |Music|play, leave, search| |Owner & Bot dev| eval, exec, impers, setbotname, serverlist, setstatus|

What can it do

Bot Bot 1.1.7~b2

Bot Bot 1.1.7

Bot Bot 1.1.5

Bot Bot 1.1.4

New commands:Releases, and serverinfo

Bot Bot 1.1.0 Update