Uni Box

Universal Box, Social features, Admin Features, and much more.

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By Nyloseth#0042

Uni bot has a lot of features and they are slowly growing in their list. It has admin features such as deleting messages in mass. It can look up nations on nationstates, and regions on nationstates, it can send users hugs or cuddles. It has a leveling system that isn't intrusive, you must create a channel called levels in order to use it. It has a built in welcome message that you must create a welcome channel for otherwise it will not use it. It has rock paper scissors game that you can use for Mind's Eye Theatre LARP over discord (yes, there is also rock paper scissors bomb in there as well). This Uni Box also has jokes, if you want to read some jokes. (I forget how many, it's been a long time since I've added that command). Also! Cute kitten pictures or puppy pictures (or other pictures of other animals that are listed in it's animals commands). All in all this a really well rounded bot. Check it out! Also, if you have a tulpa who doesn't have their own account, there are commands for tulpas!