For gopniks that can't afford Mercedes we now made GOPBOT Twingo!

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**INFORMATION** For gopniks that can't afford Mercedes we now made GOPBOT Twingo! GOPBOT Twingo is ready to race BMW, Mercedes and Putin's Volga. Have fun with GOPBOT Twingo and learn the Slav ways! GOPBOT Twingo is a new project to show you the newest finished GOPBOT Commands. Basically GOPBOT Twingo is GOPBOT but with the newer version, more advanced commands and fewer commands. It has less commands because not everything is updated to the newer version yet. **COMMANDS** Twingo Help - Gives you the information and commands. Twingo Credits - Shows all the credits for the making of GOPBOT. Twingo Code - Gives you a sheet of the code, it’s not always up to date. Twingo Support Server - Invite for the GOPBOT support server. Twingo Welcome - Get Welcome information. Twingo Activity - Get Activity information. Twingo Prefix - Information about TWINGO Prefix. Twingo Country - Gets you a list of Slavic countries **WORD COMMANDS** America - GULAG! Baguette - Twingo will tell it's roots. Blin - I LOVE BLINY! Blyat - CYKA BLYAT! Bomb Drop Location - Drops a nuke there! Butapren - Shoutout to Miras! Cs:Go - Cyka blyat! Buy P90 and rush B or go to Gulag! Capitalism - Fifty years in Gulag! Cheeki - BREEKI! Chuj - Just don’t say it. Cyka - BLYAT! Cyka Blyat - Makes the bot angry! Debil - No u. Drunk - GOPBOT is never drunk! Euro - Gib gib gib! For Russia! - For motherland! For Motherland - For Stalin! For Stalin! - For motherland! France - Vive le Twingo. Gavno - BLYAT THAT SMELL! God Is A - SerB Gopstop - YOU HAVE A CIGARETTE? Hacking - Call Zwekker! Hardbass - Tells you to play hardbass blyat! Hon - Listen to the TWINGO sound. Hon Hon - Make TWINGO laugh. Idi - NAHUI! Idk - What you don't know? Kalashnikov - Makes some gun noises! Kalbasa - Mmm so tasty blyat nahui! Katyusha - A vehicle that can fire missles. Kebab - GET REMOVED CYKA! Kompot - Asks babushka if she has some kompot! Kurwa - MAÇ! Kvass - Makes bot crazy! Lada - Don't get hit!. Mayonez - I love mayonez! Na Berlin! - Rushes Berlin! Nahui - Ahh, magic place. Pelmeni - Asks babushka if she will make pelmeni! Pivasik - Appreciates the gopnik essence of energy! Putin - Glorious democratic leader. Race - Dare to challenge Twingo. Radiator Fluid - Shoutout to ruskiii228! Remove Kebab - KEBABS MUST BE DESTROYED! Rush - RUSH B BLYAT! Rush B - NO STOP! Semki - Makes the bot go crazy! Shut Up - Tells gopbot to shut up when he anmoys you too much! Sigi - Asks for a fire for his cigarette! Squat - Comrade, let's squat blyat! Stalin - Tells you to praise our lord! T-34 - Asks if you see enemy tanks! Tsar Bomb - BOOOOOOOM BLYAT! Vodka - Makes the bot go crazy. Volkswagen - No, just no... Weebs - OUR WORST ENEMY! Western Spy - No u. Winter War - Don’t talk about it. Гопстоп - СИГИ ЕСТЬ? За Родину! - За Сталина! Корты - ПАДАЙ НА КОРТЫ ПОБАЗАРИТЬ НУЖНО! Семки - ДАЙ СЕМКИ ПОХАВАТЬ! Сука Блять - ДА!