A small bot that moderates and entertains your server.

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By f1nniboy#0500

#markdown *Did you ever search for a bot that moderates your server and entertains your players at the same time?* **This brand new bot offers you new ways to entertain your server and moderate your server with things like:** - Tempmute (auto role creation) - Memes - Stats about your server and your members - Hear some funny jokes - Announce through the bot - Play music - View avatars - Generate funny gifs - Roll the 8ball - Join leave messages and many more ways to make your server better and funnier. The bot's prefix is **<**. You can always suggest something through our official support server. And now, all the things that are **going to be added**: - A level system that gives perks - Games like Casino or BlackJack - Global chat - 24/7 Radio and many other cool things. **Please note: This bot is really new and will get updates every day and will restart often in these times.**