Galastic - Offical Bot

A multi-purpose memeing, music, moderation and fun bot overall.

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By Xeify#0001

========================================================Overview======================================================== A overall fun bot to mess with with over 60 commands including NSFW and fun commands like slap or even minigames like rock paper scissors The bot, includes commands that also can moderate like purge or warn. After 5 warnings the user get's banned. It also has useful commands such as automatically sending the rules to a new user. ========================================================Overview======================================================== =====================================================About This bot==================================================== The bot was created around the 17th of September with one goal in mind to just do one thing and that is to be able to be used in many servers Currently, were still trying to achieve that goal hence why I'm posting it here. Currently the bot is in 10 diffrent discord servers striving and being enjoyed by many. =====================================================About This bot==================================================== So, after all of that why not invite this bot now and enjoy the many features and constant updates.