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🌏 General:
  • #new→ To create a new ticket.
  • #close→ To close the ticket.
  • #add→ To add a user to the ticket.
  • 🔧 Support:
  • #rename→ To rename the ticket.
  • #remove→ To remove a user from ticket.
  • #blacklist→ To block a user from creating ticket.
  • 🔨 Administration:
  • #unblacklist→ To unblock a user from creating ticket.
  • #setup→ To setp the server settings.
  • #setstaffrole→ To set a custom support role.
  • #setcategory→ To set custom channel position.
  • #setwelcomemsg→ To set a message send to the ticket after opening.
  • #setlog→ To set the log actions channel.
  • #toggletickets→ To turn on - off tickets creating!.
  • #rtickets→ To active the reaction tickets.
  • #closeall→ To closeall tickets that are opened on the server.
  • 🌙 Misc:
  • #invite→ To invite the client.
  • #about→ To see the client information.
  • #help→ To show the helping list.
  • 📓 Note

    Do you found a bug?

    if you found a bug come to our support server and tell the support section about it!

    Thank you for reading the discription *-*