Guildy is, mainly, a moderation bot, with a little twitst.

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By Jazper#0001

Our new live support is only available for discord servers with 100+ members! You can only see this command when doing ".help staff"

Commands available for Everyone - Commands below are without the prefix (By default it's ".")

userinfo [user] Sends info about the given user, such as when the user joined the server, and created the user account.
uptime Sends the bot uptime.
avatar [user] Sends the avatar of a user.
meme Why not, am i right? Sends a random meme from the /r/memes subreddit. "m" can also be used as an alias.
members Sends the current amount members on the server.
dog sends a picture of a dog.
cat Can you guess what this command will be sending?
chucknorris Sends a fact about Chuck Norris.
ping Sends the bot latency. Or does it start playing ping pong?
invite DM's you a link, where you will be able to invite Guildy to your own server.
supportserver DM's an invite to Guildy's support server.
uptime Gives you the uptime of the bot.
face Sends a random face ó‿ó
rekt Just rekt
insult [user] Insults you, if you haven't mentioned a user. Be careful...
compliment When you are done insulting someone, give them a compliment :D
math [Something like 1+1] I hope you know what math is... This command is pretty simple.
stats Get some juicy stats about Guildy, such as Servers, commands, ping etc.
server Sends the current server info.


Commands available for Staff - Commands below are without the prefix (By default it's ".")
The permissions column is the permissions the Member has to have to use the command.

Command Description Permission
ban [user] Bans the given user. Ban members
kick [user] Kicks the given user. Kick members
announcement [channel] [message] Sends an announcement to a given channel. Kick members
purge [amount] Purges a given amount of messages. Kick members
setprefix [New Prefix] Changes the prefix used for your server. Administrator
cleanup Removes command messages from the channel where it's executed. Manage messages
support [Problem/Question] This is our live support command, only servers with 100+ members can use this command. Don't spam us, we can ban servers. Kick members
giverole [user] [role name] Gives a role to a user. Manage roles
removerole [user] [role name] Removes a role from a user. Manage roles
poll [Question] Creates a poll. You will need to type in answers after sending the command. Kick members
say [Message] Sends a message through Guildy. Kick members
inviteblock Enables the invite blocker. It's disabled by default. Kick members

 More comming very soon...