Fast Food Bot Beta

Have you ever felt...worthless? Useless? No fear! PizzaBot is here!

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By Drew#8196

#PizzaBot Get your head out of the gutter and start cooking some pizza already! Introducing PizzaBot for all of your pizza-loving needs! #Bot Info Ever want to **OWN** a pizza shop? Well, today is your lucky day! The pizzeria just down the street has declared for bankruptcy and needs a new shop owner just like you! Once you have moved in and got set up you can cook away to become the #1 pizzeria in town! You can even join forces with other pizzerias to become the top-ranking pizzeria clan! #Prefix The default prefix is !! but can be changed with the !!prefix \*newPrefix\* command! #Commands #####Command - Usage ##General Commands >**help** - !!help **start** - !!start **cook** - !!cook **profile** - !!profile \[user] **sell** - !!sell \*pizza\* \[count] **verify** - !!verify \*VerifyCode\* **server** - !!server **pizzas** - !!pizzas **prices** - !!prices **oven** - !!oven \[oven] **shop** - !!shop **buy** - !!buy \*category\* \*item\* **use** - !!use \*category\* \*item\* #Clan Commands >**create** - !!create \*clan name\* **clans** - !!clans \[clan name] **clan** - !!clan \[id] **invite** - !!invite \*user\* **join** - !!join \*clanId\* **leave** - !!leave **kick** - !!kick \*user\* **promote** - !!promote \*user\* **demote** - !!demote \*newPrefix\* #Admin Commands >**prefix** - !!prefix \*newPrefix\* #Road Map Currently, we are planning on adding in events, more pizza types, better emojis/icons for the pizzas, pets/items to increase cooking multipliers, and lots more!